»The design shows the talent,
the execution the art.«

Reimann Architecture
Julius Reimann 1

Julius Reimann

Head of Design

Beauty and aesthetics can be found everywhere. Everything can be a source of inspiration. However, it needs a sharp eye and a creative mind to turn inspirations into creations.

Already in his youth, Julius Reimann was fascinated by composition and design and discovered his talent and passion for drawing. During his studies in interior design he worked at different renowned design studios and gathered practical experience. With his distinct perceptiveness and his sense for zeitgeist, he soon realised that the common approach to architecture needs to be reconsidered. He stands for the innovative approach to think from the inside to the outside of a building.

After completing his studies he founded his own design studio Reimann Architecture, which is one of the youngest architecture and interior bureaus in Germany. His style is inspired by the emotionality and femininity of a Patricia Urquiola, at the same time he is fascinated by the reduced design and the minimalism of a Joseph Dirand. For Julius Reimann every object has to be a symbiosis of emotion and clarity. His dedication to interior and architecture is reflected in his achievements: Reimann Architecture currently works on numerous architecture and interior projects of different size in the sectors office, hospitality, residential and retail.

Julius Reimann and his team engage intensively with every project. He researches textures, colours, quality, ambience and history of every single detail.

Julius Reimann 2

»Details are not really details,
they are the design.«

The desires of a client have highest priority. Jointly with the customers, he develops individual concepts. With this attempt Reimann Architecture convinced demanding clients to try something new and to realize extraordinary designs.

This special approach to every object calls for individual product design. Reimann Architecture designs furniture, materials and accessories, which blend seamlessly into their surroundings and bring the initial intention of a space to the fore.

»A space itself inspires me to create objects for its ambience.«


WE are


Inspirations turn into ideas. They progress into concepts and result in projects – everything is mutually dependent. We reconsider our solution and planning approaches constantly. The outcome is a well thought concept customised to the desires of our clients.


Our dedication and enthusiasm for every project is a driver for achieving top performances every day. We stand for the love of design and openness - everything is possible. Every project starts with a blank piece of paper and our attitude to take unique paths. This individual approach sparks emotions with our customers.


We take an innovative approach – an approach that leads from the inside to the outside. Our planning is always based on the desires and demands of our customers on a space and its use. The dimensions of a space are tailored to the furniture. This results in an individually aligned floor plan.

»The inside determines the outside.«


Our highest priority is to create a pleasant environment for people. We empathize with our clients, listen to them, identify their needs and convince them with aesthetic interior. Mindfulness for us also means to deal with current developments in the society, to detect changes and to shape those changes. Those new influences are reflected in our design.

»Good design is three-dimensional marketing.«


We attach high importance to a fair value chain with outlasting quality materials, moving away from "disposable" design. The consequences are economic, resource-friendly building and sustainable design. We also stand for entrepreneurial responsibility towards our employees, but also towards all people and companies involved in the processes.


We are open for the concerns of our clients but also for new developments in the society. Each of our projects starts with impartial curiosity and the passion to experiment with new design approaches or materials. Therefore we work intensively on every project and investigate to the smallest detail.


Having dealt intensively with the expectations and needs of our customers, we can develop individual design concepts. All of our design concepts convey individuality and underline the identity and character of our clients.



  • A traditional café rebuilds

    Our project "Traditional café" in AD Online

    We are very happy about Architectural Digest Online publishing our project "Traditional café". Click here to read the full article.

    September 2019
  • Traditional café in AIT magazine

    Our project in the current issue of AIT magazine

    The September issue of AIT magazine presents our project "Traditional café". On two pages, the project is shown in detail. 

    September 2019
  • Harmoniously combined

    Townhouse HH in CUBE Magazine

    In the latest Hamburg edition of the CUBE magazine, which shows exclusive living spaces and modern architecture, the project Townhouse HH was published. In the historic building from the 17th century baroque elements were combined harmoniously with modern design. Vibrant colours, different styles and minimalistic shapes build an intriguing contrast to expressive materials.

    June 2019
  • Giving an object a distinctive appearance

    Project "VIB Headquarter" receives German Design Award 2019

    This was the aim when creating our design concept for the project VIB Vermögen AG. We wanted to reflect the dynamic of the company in the design - with success. In fact, exactly the dynamic design language of the project convinced the jury of the German Design Award 2019 to award us a "Special Mention".

    Big thanks to the Donaukurier for the media coverage!

    May 2019
  • Instagram creates a brand image

    Julius Reimann talks to md magazine about the instagram account of Reimann Architecture.

    md magazine starts a new series under the title “interior architects on instagram”. Our studio is the kickoff of the series. “A refined and elaborated project history” is created under @reimannarchitecture, says md magazine. The feed underlines our brand Reimann Architecture and draws the attention of young talents to our work. Curious? Find the full article here www.md-mag.com/people/innenarchitekten/reimannarchitecture/.

    January 2019