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Flagship-Store Juweller Rauschmayer

Interior Retail // Baden Baden © 2021

Discretion and cosy elegance - this central design idea characterises the interior of the flagship store for the jeweller Rauschmeyer. Gentle organic curves in the furniture and roundings in the architecture ensure cosiness and a soft overall image. Velvet wall coverings in the private cocoons create discreet and pleasant room acoustics, while the moiré effect of Dedar is a special eye-catcher. The lighting architecture picks up on the curves, creating a harmonious link to the soft, feminine design language. 

The soft materials in powdery tones provide restrained elegance in combination with pastel-coloured marble. The parquet flooring is individually designed by Reimann Architecture and inspired by the facet cut of a diamond. The handmade fixtures and original designer furniture in all rooms, such as the chairs from Warren Platner's furniture collection for Knoll Int. underline the interior's claim to value and timelessness.

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"Brilliant flirt with built curves."

Retail Store Juwelier Interior Design Reimann Architecture Luxury Luxus
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