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Townhouse HH

Interior Residential // 2017

In a Townhouse from the Baroque period, style elements of the 17th century encounter modern design. The building, originally designed by a Graubünden Can-ton architect, is classified as an historic building. In the scope of the renovation, several formalities needed to be considered: the main structural parts of the historic villa had to be preserved and restored. Existing style elements like stucco, wall coverings and parquet flooring had to be integrated in the interior concept.

It was the owner’s request to re-interpret baroque elements and to combine them with contemporary mate-rials and the latest technology. Vibrant colours, different styles and minimalistic shapes build an intriguing cont-rast to expressive materials. The lighting concept expresses the owner’s great affinity to technical refinement  - the entire technology of the villa can be controlled via a mobile app. The kitchen and bathrooms show the dialogue between tradition and modern age: brushed brass meets opulent Emperador marble and dark Wenge. Special emphasis lies on the use of sustainable materials and their outlasting workmanship.
Expressive materials such as silk, velvet and wood dominate the living areas, reflecting the opulent character of the baroque era. At the same time clear visual axes convey spaciousness and openness.

Townhouse HH 01
Townhouse 02

Reduced forms, powerful colours, soft brown and gold tones dominate between stucco and double doors.

Townhouse 04

"The light-dark concept signals pure elegance."

Townhouse 04

"The magic glow of dark shining metal"


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"Collectibles give rooms personality"

Townhouse HH Reimann Architecture
Townhouse HH Reimann Architecture
Townhouse HH Reimann Architecture
Townhouse HH Reimann Architecture
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