Stage Traditionscafé Reimann Architecture

Traditional café - tradition reloaded

Interior Hospitality // 2017

A traditional café with included bakery and confectionery has been brought to new life – inspired by the mid-century style, that emphasizes functionality and clear shapes. Slat panelling made of American walnut gives the difficult floor plan a unique individuality created by dynamic, curved elements, which also convey warmth and cosiness. 

Brass details, incorporated into the furniture, are set into scene through indirect lighting and exude quality. Organic, soft shapes are typical for the mid-century style. Kidney-shapes, a major trend in this era, are interpreted and modified in a contemporary way. You can find them in the shape of the barista bar and the sales counter as well as in the design of the flooring. The shape and colour of the bar is inspired by a pretzel – corresponding to the specialty of the bakery. Pillows and chairs, upholstered with pale pink velvet, are a highlight in the reduced colour scheme of the project.

Moreover, velvet is having a huge comeback as a reminiscence to the 70ies – it conveys elegance and comfort. A contrast to the warm tones is the colour white, which creates an airy ambience. Carrara marble, used in the table tops and the counter, stands for classical elegance. The hexagonal floor tiles at the entrance, also made of Carrara marble, remind of elements in a traditional baking room.

Traditional Café Reimann Architecture
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"Outstanding walls, swinging revival of the 50s"

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"Indirect lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere"

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"Stone for the texture, wood for the cosiness and velvet for the feel"

The lighting concept with indirect lighting creates a pleasant atmosphere. The hemispherical shaped lamps by the brand Bocci disrupt the wall panelling. Their random arrangement creates an interesting element and is an eyecatcher. In this project as in all of our projects, we tell a unique and individual story with our design concept, which visualizes the visions of the owner and puts them into practice through the interior. 

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"Traditions staged in a contemporary way"

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