Penthouse Sands

Interior Residential // Hamburg © 2023

The design concept of the Penthouse Sands is strongly inspired by the Zen philosophy - a wish of the client, who lived in Asia for a long time. It stands for harmony, tranquility and balance. It finds stylistic expression in calm and neutral colors, minimalist furnishings and clean lines. The color palette ranges from sandy tones to jade and powder shades. Natural products such as travertine cream, rattan and light oak bring warmth and life to the interior.

The room-length floorboards, built-in cabinets and doors made of oak were wrapped in a light sand tone via a custom oiling process. Everything blends together harmoniously - walls and ceiling in all-over clay plaster visually blend. Movable screens with rattan weave, hand-woven in Vietnam, serve as room dividers. The material is also found in the dressing room, bar and chairs.

Brass accents such as handles, hardware, light fixtures and faucets transform over time and develop an exciting patina. Open and linear sightlines and floor-to-ceiling windows create an airy and sun-filled ambience in keeping with the Zen philosophy.