Shades of Bronze

Interior Office // Bavaria © 2023

The material bronze with its warm color nuances and noble feel is the inspiration for the interior design of a notary's office in Bavaria. The rooms radiate a restrained elegance thanks to their brightness and clear lines.

The foyer has an open, airy ambience thanks to the double height of the room and the cantilevered metal staircase painted white, which leads to the second floor via a gallery.

The ceiling lights - two organically shaped sculptures made of plaster, manufactured in a factory in Ukraine - also contribute to this. The room-length floorboards in light oak further enlarge the room's visual impact.The central highlight is the reception area coated with a metal lacquer in white bronze. The optical division of the counter into cubes of different sizes creates an exciting look, which is also reflected in the back wall of the reception.

The color bronze stands for strength and power, but is more restrained than silver and gold. The material walnut, with its warmth and naturalness, is a harmonious addition. It can be found in the wall coverings, doors, tables and the custom-made benches in the waiting area. This area is separated from the foyer by sliding doors with walnut slats, which convey discretion and a pleasant coziness.

Walnut warmth and metallic depth - an interplay between materiality and pattern

listed building loft herringbone parquet washed stucco indirect light cove light gray mirror